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It wasn't until I started production on Episode 03 of "A Universe of Trouble" that I realized that I needed some serious help.

I had a scene in which a spaceship lands at a spaceport. And I had no idea how I could create that quickly and convincingly.

But I found the answer…!

Part of the Envato Market site, it's a huge source of stock video.

It's where I found this landing spaceship which fit my scene perfectly (ship animation by SpaceStockFootage):

Since then, I've made it my only source for stock video. What I like most about the site is when creators include After Effects files with your purchase (there's nothing free on this site which is OK with me since the files are inexpensive. Besides, the quality of the work on this site deserves compensation.) This allows me to customize the video while also dissecting how it was created. If I can learn how someone else did something, I can do it myself next time and save some money!

The files are in HD, 1920 x 1080 and often have alpha channels for compositing. You can contact a creator for help or information regarding their files. Both single-use and multi-use licenses are available.

If you need a professional-grade piece of stock video, check out

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