If You Can Draw a Form, You Can Draw EVERYTHING

As I mentioned before, FULLY grasping the basic yet essential idea of form—in contrast to knowing it but not fully getting it—has changed the way I draw.

Before I continue, let's distinguish form from shape. Per artist and instructor Marshall Vandruff, the simple difference is: a shape is flat; a form is thick. Here's how Andrew Loomis illustrates the difference in his "Fun With a Pencil" book:

Throughout all of my studying of accomplished artists, this same concept is stressed.

Pages from Glenn Vilppu's "The Drawing Manual":

A page from the original Famous Artists Course:

Screenshots from Stan Prokopenko's free Drawing Basics series:

From the Watts Atelier drawing course:

Clearly, the understanding of forms should NOT be overlooked. I'll be spending a lot of time drawing these basic forms and training my eye to reduce everything I see into those forms.

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