Combining Watts Atelier and Proko Drawing Practice

With a limited amount of time and a lot to learn, it's important to be strategic about drawing practice.

The last post provided specific ways to improve one's drawing quickly and correctly.

Here's some of my practice:

I start with the Watts Atelier drawing fundamentals warmup, freehand circles using a conte charcoal pencil on smooth newsprint:

After the circles, I do free hand ovals/ellipses:

After the ovals are straight lines and curved lines:

Next it's applying tone. This is a challenge because if the pencil doesn't have a good taper from the wood to the charcoal, it leaves streaks. Becoming proficient at this is definitely going to take some time:

That concludes the Watts warmup.

Here I've combined the Proko lesson of reducing bones into basic shapes with the Watts lessons of negative space and drawing through the forms. Hopefully by doing that I'm learning twice as much in half the time!

Are you working to improve your drawing? If so, how? Have you considered taking the Jazza approach? Post in the comments below. Thanks!

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