Part 01—Andrew Loomis's "Creative Illustration": The Form Principle

I love Andrew Loomis’s books. His knowledge and skills are undeniable. His diagrams and illustrations are dense with visual information and important lessons. All of his books are deserving of intense study.

There seems to be a lot of interest out there in Loomis's books and methods. Since I have either physical or PDF versions of all of his books, I'd like to share some highlights of his teachings from his book "Creative Illustration."

"Creative Illustration" begins by outlining the basis of Loomis's approach, The Form Principle. Here are the pages from the book explaining the principles that are explored throughout the book (I own a copy of the actual book. These pages were taken from a free pdf download.) Future posting will be animated versions of his teachings:

How do you feel about Andrew Loomis's teachings? Tell us in the comments! Thanks!

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