Meet the Composer—The Music of Bruce Edward Smith

I am deeply indebted to the numerous artists—musicians, 3D artists, illustrators, photographers—who create the work I am unable to and make it available for the rest of us to use.

It's important to me that I thank the artists whose work is playing an essential role in my "A Universe of Trouble" project. Gratitude, baby!

I often hear that a great story can overcome poor execution (and since my skills are, at this time, limited, I'm happy to hear this!) But I've often heard that a film project's SOUND MUST be good.

I already spent a significant amount of money on professional audio and music for two unfinished projects—"Adult Toy Story" and "Creation of a Non-Nation"—and can't justify spending more. So to balance the mediocre narration that I'm recording in my walk-in closet (seriously, I'm recording it in a closet. On an iPhone. This is DIY, right?) I'm using royalty-free music and sound effects.

The first choice is choosing a theme. I know I want something space/sci-fi-ish but not too over the top. I also know that I'll know it when I hear it. And once I heard Bruce Edward Smith's "Mystery Suspense Theme 1," at Pond5, I knew I had my theme!

"Mystery Suspense Theme" by Bruce Edward Smith. (Click image to hear preview.)

It's perfect! I especially love the way it starts off slow and foreboding, builds to a consistent theme then ends on another note of foreboding. This is exactly the feeling that I want to convey: foreboding about the experiences our repairwoman is about to have. It also works perfectly with how I imagined the credits and I use the theme throughout the episodes in the background.

This music is one of my favorite parts of this project. Thank you, Bruce Edward Smith!

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