Learning Artistic Anatomy from Stan Prokopenko

Finding Stan Prokopenko's (Proko) tutorials and courses is one of the greatest drawing gifts I've experienced!

I was struggling to draw a head turned at different angles. When I did an internet search, his tutorial came up (the text and video versions are HERE.) I was amazed and thrilled at how simply yet effectively he explained this concept that had always eluded me.

A sample illustration from a Proko tutorial.

I've been a Proko disciple since.

I purchased his Figure Fundamentals course which was extremely insightful and helpful. I strongly recommend it.

Now I'm working on his Anatomy of the Human Body course (which covers the torso and back. I also pre-ordered the upcoming arms and legs courses. I'm PRAYING he applies his expertise to a head course, too. I could seriously use that!)

Unlike in the past when I rushed through books and tutorials, I'm taking my time with this course with the goal of dramatically improving my figure drawing by Spring, 2017. I intend to be done with Universe by then and want to return to the "Adult Toy Story" short.

BUT I can't complete that short until I have a solid grasp of human anatomy!

That's why I'm carefully studying the bones. I'm convinced, based on what instructors and skilled draftsmen have said, that understanding the skeleton is essential to drawing the human figure well.

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