Moving Past "Mistakes"

Scene 13 of my film has been a huge challenge. Begun in July, the scene's action is still be roughed out in December. I keep asking myself, "Why is it taking so long?"

The answer is, "That's the WRONG question!"

This is the longest film I've ever made (five minutes.) This is the first film I've made with characters speaking. This is the first film I've watercolored the backgrounds. This is the first film I've made using Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and Animate Pro. Why would I think it would be easy or quick?!

As a result of asking the wrong question, I procrastinated, which was simply the manifestation of fear. I was afraid to continue making the film because it wasn't going as I had originally--erroneously--planned.

Although it took months, I eventually diagnosed the problem and, after more time passed, I got back to work. I told myself that I--no one--can do ANYTHING perfect the first time out. Period. What I CAN do is make the best film possible with the skills and resources I currently have.

Below are various stages of the layout for Scene 13. At first I thought of the early drawings as "mistakes" but now I see them correctly, as "discoveries."

After thinking more before drawing, and applying what I'm learning from studying Loomis, Hogarth, Bridgman, et. al., I ended up with a drawing that was satisfying.

Moving on to the next step!