Succeed by Being Completely Unrealistic

Everett Bogue described himself as the following on his now defunct website, Far Beyond the Stars"a cybernetic yogi supporting mindfulness in the future of human/technological evolution. I'm the author of and the upcoming Augmented Humanity. This blog is about existing in the modern age of augmented humanity." 

Although Bogue has moved on to other things, Scott Kostolni thankfully maintains the archive of Bogue's old site which is full of gems of life guidance and advice. One of my favorites is this piece about the importance of being unrealistic to achieve the success for which one is searching.

I'm beginning to think there's something to this whole "being unrealistic" thing since both Will Smith and Jaret Grossman have promoted it, too.

Am I "unrealistic" to expect to have any sort of career making films when I'm starting 20 years behind others and I'm currently 45-years-old?

Not according to those who have actually SUCCEEDED!

Numerous accomplishments were made by those who didn't take into account the "unrealistic" argument. 

Of course, one has to be logical about being unrealistic. It IS unrealistic for me to expect to become a professional American football player. That is clearly outside the realm of my abilities.

But making movies? That's TOTALLY within my realm of abilities! With the low cost of hardware, software and internet distribution, being a filmmaker today is completely realistic.

Forget about being "realistic" folks and just tell your stories!

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