Bill Plympton's Position on "Talent"

Pages from a Pablo Picasso sketch book.

“I hear things like that a lot, that some people were born to be great artists. However, I believe that's a bunch of bull propagated by jealous people who wish they could be artists, or want to believe that they could have been, if only they'd had the right parents.”--Bill Plympton

This is a quote from Bill Plympton on the unfortunately endless debate between talent and skill. It's especially heartening coming from someone who probably possesses a certain about of innate talent. But even he admits that his talent was maximized with a lot of practice, ambition and discipline.

Let's all dispel the lie that people succeed because they were "born" to do so. The reality is that success comes from taking that with which you're born and boosting it with hard work.

Back to practicing!

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