Fast Company Interviews Designer/Illustrator Tom Geismar

Fast Company is my favorite magazine right now, no competition.

I recommend that all artists read Fast Company. I also subscribe to Inc. Magazine but they have a significant difference.

Inc. is a youthful, small business magazine. It's an accessible and enjoyable read. I like the magazine and find it informative, but I love Fast Company.

Fast Company is about LIFE. It features socially conscious people who happen to run businesses, businesses that have transcended the standard reason for their existence--making money--and have discovered ways to make money and not be evil about it. EVERY issue proves American Republicans and right-wingers wrong: it is possible to make money without destroying the environment, exploiting workers and treating employees like shit.

You just have to take the mental energy to FIGURE IT OUT.

Fast Company, like another favorite magazine, Wired, often features artists. The latest issue has an interview with a veteran designer whom I admittedly never heard of before, Tom Geismar. Like Paul Rand, Geismar designed the logos for some of the biggest brands in the world. And he was taught by Josef Albers!

Designer Tom Geismar and some of his creations.

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