Learning to See Values Practice…and Success!

In this post I discussed a helpful exercise in learning how to see values. My initial attempts were completely inaccurate and the process was frustrating.

BUT, unlike in the past when I've let the feeling of sucking stop me from fighting through the suckiness to the goodness, I didn't let the frustration stop me.

These were the tools used, Prismacolor Premier Cool Grey pens at 20%, 50% and 80%:

These were my attempts, from Nov. 3 through Nov. 21:

THEN, on Nov. 22, I had a breakthrough!

My final attempt isn't perfect or great, but it's better than the first attempt! In comparison to the original painting (digitally converted to grayscale), it has some accurate observations:

The Arch of Constantine Seen from the Colosseum by de Crissé

And some that are not so accurate! But the point is that I kept trying until I got close.

Next is View of Ornans by Courbet.

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