Figure Drawing Step Two: The Bean

 A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I posted what was to be the first of several Stan Prokopenko figure drawing how-to videos. I'm returning to it now because I think Proko's instruction is among the best out there.

To draw figures well, one should follow certain steps. The first is the gesture. The second is the bean.

In short, the bean is :
We have two forms, one for the rib cage and another for the hips. You can even just imagine a sock with two balls in it.. Whatever analogy you want to use. Basically we have two hard forms with a softer “skin” around them.
There's a lot more explanation and a video on Proko's site.

I purchased Proko's premium content of the figure drawing lessons. It's worth the price. You get extended, high-definition videos, reference poses and other helpful items. There's no way you won't learn something from this guy!

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