Studying with the Watts Atelier of the Arts

Although I understand I have to be patient as I build my drawing foundation, I also believe in hacking (NOT shortcuts!)

I’m currently doing Part 1 of the Stan Prokopenko Anatomy of the Human Body Course which focuses on the back and torso (Parts 2 and 3 are arms and legs.)

But what I also want to start learning now since it seems complicated is the head. Via email, I learned from Proko’s wife that he will be doing a head course but it seems that it will be some time before he gets to it (and when he does get to it, I’ll be sure to buy it.)

So I decided to hack the situation. If I can’t learn the head from Proko now, who can I learn it from? Where did Proko learn what he knows?

From the Watts Atelier of the Arts!

Thankfully, the Watts Atelier has online courses that include drawing fundamentals and…the head!

Although the head course doesn’t include anatomy, it does include instruction on the planes of the head, the part I find most difficult to understand.

Not only am I looking forward to getting formal training on this topic but since the planes of the head is my all-time most popular blog post, I’m also looking forward to sharing more in-depth knowledge about this topic.

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