A Universe of Trouble is Half Done!

Not only is the project half completed but I met the self-imposed deadline of reaching this milestone by June, 2016 (OK, I was off by five days.) 

When I stopped work on “Adult Toy Story” in April, 2015 and started this project, the intent was to quickly get a compelling story out into the world. I got off to a slow start with the first three episodes taking about six months to complete. But once I got further into the project, became more adept at reusing my art and animation and finding pre-made art, I began to complete episodes faster. As a result, I completed the next six episodes in six months.

When doing a project, it’s the small victories that count. American society is about BIG—big money, big houses, big cars, big mouths. We as a culture have a disdain for the small yet effective. What I’ve learned from doing this project is that every little effort put into the project reaps some kind of benefit. Every time I have to figure out how to accomplish something, I’ve learned a new tool or skill that can be used at a later time. So doing six episodes in the time that it originally took me to do three is a huge win for my confidence that this project can be completed in a reasonable amount of time.

As Melissa Dinwiddie says, "think tiny and daily":

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