Meet the Story—The Repairman

I'm excited about making an animated/motion graphics adaptation of Harry Harrison's "The Repairman" called "A Universe of Trouble."

It's great that this story is in the public domain so those of us who want to take a terrific idea and explore it have material with which to work. You can download the pdf of "The Repairman" HERE.

This story fits perfectly into my overall goal: to tell stories my own damn self instead of hoping and wishing someone else tells them.

Some visual imaginings of "The Repairman."

With the exception of changing the Repairman from a man to a woman, I've left the story completely intact. My goal was to get the project out quickly as opposed to rewriting the story. Eventually, however, I will continue the story of our unnamed protagonist. There's a universe of trouble for this character to explore!

See the teaser trailer for Ep01 of "A Universe of Trouble" HERE.

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