Drawing Principles from Famous Artists Foundations Course

In my endless quest to improve my drawing, I reviewed the old version of the Famous Artists Illustration Course and purchased some new Famous Artists Courses.

I was less impatient this time and that made all of the difference. As a result, my eyes were opened to a kernel of knowledge that I had overlooked before. Seeing what I had not seen before was a reminder that, unlike 20 years ago, I am now ready to receive this information and act on it.

THIS was my revelation:

That’s it. These two illustrations changed EVERYTHING for me!

Now, I had been told 20 years ago while working at an animation studio to “think 3D.” I had read about “drawing through” objects. But those lessons just didn’t CLICK! I don’t know why, but this simple yet essential idea that EVERY OBJECT is 3D and should be thought of as such just didn’t find a home in my brain.

Until now.

Looking at these illustrations, it all SUDDENLY MADE SENSE! Now I finally understood how EVERYTHING is a 3D object, including clouds and mountains.

This shows the importance of studying from a variety of sources. Some would dismiss the Famous Artists Courses as dated and in some ways they are (is it important to learn how to draw different types of hats when men don’t wear hats anymore?) But due to the updated version of the Foundation Course, I had a significant and game-changing epiphany.

Drawing principles have not changed and it’s those principles we need to master if we want to be skilled artists.

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