Complacency Kills the Dream!

Wow, this blog post, from one of my favorite websites—Live Your Legend—spoke VOLUMES to me! The ideas expressed are exactly about what I'm trying to accomplish with this blog, my projects and my life.

It's based on a new documentary called "I'm Fine, Thanks," by Crank Tank Studios in San Francisco. They're currently fundraising on Kickstarter (I just made a contribution!)

When we're young, we're allowed to dream.

Then those dreams are destroyed for the sake of "practicality" and being "realistic." I still remember some old person who wasn't an artist telling me as a pre-teen that I needed something to "fall back on" when I said I wanted to be an artist.

Why the f$#k did I listen to that person? Or anyone for that matter who wasn't an artist? How the f@!k would they know if I could or could not make a living as an artist?

Read the Live Your Legend post and watch the trailer. Your creative life and future will be better for it!

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