5 Highlights from Seth Godin's "Poke the Box"

Marketing and creativity expert Seth Godin's "Poke the Box" is an 84-page manifesto that encourages us to produce something scarce which is by definition, valuable.

Here are 5 excerpts among many inspirational insights in this book:

1. "Only by poking, testing, modifying and understanding can we truly own anything, truly exert our influence."

2. "We have little choice but to move beyond quality and seek remarkable, connected and new."

3. "The upside for you (and the challenge) is to find the energy and the will to challenge the mediocre."

4. "The challenge is to focus on the work, not on the fear that comes from doing the work."

5. The person who fails the most usually wins.


  1. I read his Purple Cow book, it was some good stuff. I didn't know he wrote so many others! Just popped over to the library website and requested a bunch, thanks for making it known. :)

    1. Thanks, JK! I haven't read Purple Cow but really enjoyed both Poke the Box and Linchpin. BTW, I just saw left the Animation Forum site where I saw your avatar. :-)