The Amazing Middle Comic Beginning

Inspired by Boulet (yesterday's Shoutout Sunday subject!), I've started a slice-of-life comic called "The Amazing Middle"—a reference to middle-age existence—that will be inked with a pen nib and painted in watercolor (the look I love!). My thinking is that this is the best way for me to simultaneously improve my imaginative drawing and my technical skills while ALSO inspiring you the way Boulet's work and thinking has inspired me.

Boulet is an accomplished artist who can knock out a drawing in ink without a pencil drawing. Since my skills are NO WAY near that, my comic will take a lot longer and will involve more pre-planning but, as with my film, I'm convinced that the extra work will show in the quality of the final product.

The first comic, titled "What the Hell Happened?," started with some initial brainstorming sketches:

Some self-caricature attempts, a search for the right representation of myself for the comic series.
These are the earliest ideas and layout notes.
 More preliminary work to come!

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