Shoutout Sunday: Raul Aguirre, Jr.

This Sunday, I want to say thanks to: Raul Aguirre, Jr.

Raul is an animator, director, illustrator, painter, writer, teacher and probably other things that I'm neglecting to note. He's a trained, experienced artist who was a protégé of Glen Keane (need we say more?) He worked at Disney, studied under Steve Huston, Glenn Vilppu and Walt Stanchfield and has numerous other credits to his name.

Aguirre and Glen Keane. © 2009 Hortencia Aguirre
When searching for art-related podcasts, I stumbled upon his Man vs. Art. If you don't subscribe to this, stop reading now and do it. You will be forever grateful.

Aguirre's self-described purpose of Man vs. Art is "informing, inspiring, and entertaining artists." He succeeds completely in that goal.

Aguirre kicking it old school with pencil, paper and animation table.
 Man vs. Art is so informative, inspiring and entertaining that I'm perpetually a year behind in listening. Why? Because each episode is so jam-packed with helpful stuff that I'm constantly pausing to take notes. Yes, I take LOTS of notes from these podcasts. Aguirre has experienced a lot and knows a lot about the art and the industry. The inside scoops that he's boldly unafraid to share with the world are a benefit for anyone interested in being successful in the Hollywood animation industry.

In addition to all of that, Aguirre is also INSANELY FUNNY! I sometimes listen to him while at my cubicle job and find myself stifling laughter. His sense of humor is off the hook and spot on accurate. Don't get me started about the different voices he does or his use of sound effects! It all makes for a hilariously informative experience.

Also, I have to admit that as a woman, I think it's awesome that Aguirre never fails to give a loving shoutout to his wife. A nice change of pace to see a man who truly appreciates a woman.

Aguirre's a guy you want to hang out with. If you can't, the next best thing is to listen to his podcast.

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