Shoutout Sunday: Boulet

Continuing my routine of giving thanks to those who have inspired me and educated me, today I sing the praises of Boulet.

John J. Boulet (Gilles Roussel)
John J. Boulet (real name Gilles Roussel) is a French illustrator and comics creator. In my humble opinion, he puts most of the most popular American web comics to shame for two reasons. First, his art is fantastic. This guy has incredible skills. He can draw realistically. He can draw cartoony. And he does them both incredibly well. Second, his comic isn't an excuse for proudly politically incorrect, i.e. ignorant, attacks and sophomoric observations. Boulet has something to say about his life experiences and about the world around him. His comics move you.

The styles and media used for his comics vary, another sign of his considerable talent. Usually he inks his comics—incredibly, without pencilling first—and sometimes watercolors them. It's as though he sees perfectly the image or story he wants to create and then he just…does it.

It's amazing to see:

I was so enthralled by Boulet's work when I discovered him sometime last year that I started looking at all of his comics starting with the first. I know a little French and not enough to actually read his comics (some of them are in English and Japanese) but the beauty of work is that you often don't need to know the language in order to have an idea as to what's happening. His drawings are so lyrical that you can often figure out what's happening.

I recommend going through all of Boulet's French-language comics or you can see them in one of his collections:

I love the way Boulet depicts himself! He's not afraid to show his imperfections and shortcomings.

Boulet's work is so inspiring to me that I decided to do something similar myself. The creation of the comic will be an exercise in imagination and will force me to learn draw things I ordinarily wouldn't have. More on that in the next post.

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