7 Artist Documentaries to Definitely Watch

Watching these 7 artist documentaries will be so inspiring that you'll want to start creating while right in the middle of watching. If you have seen some or all of them, I suggest you watch them again. The nuggets of knowledge shared by these people is worth multiple viewings.

1. "The Line King"

2. "Icons: Frank Miller"

3. "Crumb"

4. "Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics"—see my former post.

5. "The Pixar Story"—see my former post.

6. "Waking Sleeping Beauty"see my former post.

7. "Frazetta: Painting with Fire"—see my former post.

I will be watching two others in the near future—"Comic Book Confidential" and "Cavemen: V.T. Hamlin & Alley Oop"—and will share in future posts any helpful ideas from those documentaries.

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