3 Books for Drawing in Perspective

I had always struggled with perspective, picking up a few bits of knowledge here and there but never fully understanding it. When I finally sat down to focus on it, three books in particular helped me.

First, "How to Create Action, Fantasy and Adventure Comics" by Tom Alvarez.

These two pages in particular sum up the primary perspective rules to remember when you're drawing. Overall, this is a helpful book.

The highlighted notes were a revelation to me and immediately improved my perspective drawing!

Second, "How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way" by Stan Lee and John Buscema. Again, a book that has numerous kernels of drawing wisdom.

This is the book that taught me what "worm's eye view" and "bird's eye view" were.

The third book is "Perspective" by William F. Powell (a Walter Foster book).

This book simply and clearly explains the many aspects of perspective.

So if you're struggling with perspective, give these books a try!

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