10 Things to Think About from "Frazetta—Painting with Fire"

Continuing with my personal obsession with watching documentaries about artists, here are some informational highlights from "Frazetta: Painting with Fire":

1. He's a sportsman. His primary interest is living life and because of that, that's what makes him a great artist.

2. As a result of his athleticism, he knew how muscles work.

3. He can accomplish whatever he sets his mind to.

4. He has the eye of a camera mixed with his fantasy imagination.

5. He has vivid images in his head.

6. "If I can see it, I can do it."

7. "Most of the good ones [paintings] were done in one night."

8. He was drained mentally and physically after completing a Conan painting.

9. After suffering multiple strokes, he switched to drawing and painting with the left hand. He was told in rehab, "It's your mind that does it [draws]. Your arm is just an extension of your mind."

10. Ralph Bakshi: "Everything starts here [the mind] and I guess in the heart and in your personality, what kind of person are you. It all has to do with Frank's mental ability as an artist to get that picture made under any conditions which has always been his credo. That's where it begins, everything else is extraneous. You don't draw with your hand, you just don't."

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