Practice—Scribble and Spaghetti Noodle Gestures 11/22/16

I'm posting these practice drawings to show that daily practice will cause improvement to show. I may not be there yet but I'm determined to continue trying and you should, too, if you're trying to get better at anything.

Also, my approach to drawing gesture has evolved since I started this area of practice. I'll talk more in future posts about whose gesture methods and ways of thinking I've learned and am practicing.

5 second "scribble" gesture drawings made with black Pentel Touch Sign Pen on smooth newsprint. I stopped using the brown Pentel pens because for some reason, they weren't as inky as the black pens.

30 second "spaghetti noodle" gesture drawing made with Conté à Paris Pierre Noir B charcoal pencils on smooth newsprint.

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