My Favorite Ep. 11 Scenes!

On the afternoon before Thanksgiving, I looked at the remaining scenes that needed to be done. My schedule said I'd finish them by Dec. 26.

But I couldn't wait.

I decided that I would spend the entire 4-day Thanksgiving weekend cranking out the last 7 scenes and end credits for Ep. 11.

And I did it!

It took 10 hours of work on Thanksgiving, 9 hours of work on the day after and 2.5 hours on Saturday to complete the scene but I did it!

This was a HUGE victory because it puts me one entire month ahead of schedule. I'm enjoying making this series and I'm satisfied with and proud of the results but…I'm eager to move on to learning and doing other things. So the sooner I can finish this and get it out into the world, the happier I will be.

Here are two of my favorite scenes from Ep. 11:

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