A Universe of Trouble Episode 07 Storyboard

"A Universe of Trouble" Episode 07 storyboard (I still call it "The Repairman" on the storyboard sheets because it's less to write.)

My production pace has picked up and improved.

Episodes 01-03 were the true learning experience episodes. I was beginning to figure out how I wanted the series to look and how to create that look.

Episodes 04 and 05 took less time and involved more pre-production and use of other artists' artwork and the 3D program Cheetah3D.

Episode 06 flew mainly because it didn't have a lot of scenes.

I'm about to begin production of Episode 07 with an efficient system in place. The main part of this system is reusing art and animation from previous scenes. For example, I may draw a new Repairman figure but I won't paint her. Instead, I copy the painted parts from other pieces of art and paste it into the new drawing. That saves a tremendous amount of time in not only painting but retouching as well.

I keep reminding myself that this IS a learning experience, I'm not an expert and this is a normal part of the creative process. And with this new system in place, I'm more likely to complete this project at my preferred deadline—Dec. 31, 2016—as opposed to the B deadline of May, 2017.

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