Finding the Right Expression—Scene 28

One of my goals for this film is specific, significant acting. I want each character to truly behave as though they were actually alive and experiencing that moment.

The scene on which I’m currently working, Sc. 28, is one of the few in which Honey has a variety of emotions and movements. For this segment of the scene, I wanted to show Honey struggling to pull a cell phone out from under her shower cap.

When I sat down to animate, I realized that I didn’t have a clear idea of her expression. And cartoon expressions is one of my (many) weak areas. 

Instead of using random trial and error to find the proper expression, I pulled some samples of expressions that I’ve collected:

Used courtesy of Jerel Dye ©2013-2014

Courtesy of John K. 
Courtesy of John K. 

Kirk Douglas in "Paths of Glory."

Nale & art ©2007 Sarah Shaw

Based on these examples, I spent some time searching for the best expression for Honey:

I’m happy with the ones I’ve indicated in red so I’m now ready to start animating with those expressions. The next step is to accurately animate Honey’s struggle to pull the phone from under her cap. I’ll share the roughs for that when they’re ready. 

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