Scene 28 Roughs & The Importance of Practice Drawings

Curious why I haven't posted in awhile?

It's because this scene is KICKING MY ASS!


I've tried about 5 different approaches to Honey's performance in this scene. Either they didn't fit with the action or I couldn't draw it well. I'll spare you all of the rejected drawings. :-)

At one point, I thought I had it figured out!

Then I looked at it again and wasn't liking it. My rule for this film is that I have to be comfortable with each scene's progress before continuing. If I have any reservations, I address them.

My biggest struggle was turning the head. What I discovered is that my construction of Honey's head was flawed from the beginning (yup, I'll be designing my next characters A LOT better!) Trying to animate a flawed design is a struggle.

Then I happened upon some animation instruction online from CartoonSmart. My exact problem of head turns was the exact same topic of one of their tutorials! I bought a collection of tutorials (at a great!) and used this new knowledge to re-think the scene.

Eventually, I settled on the action below. This is about half of the scene and it doesn't yet have the inbetweens for the latter part when she's digging in her shower cap:

This scene shows why I do the drawing practice every day instead of spending all of my limited time on animating. Although I use a mirror, I still would not have been able to draw the arm movement as quickly and as well as I did ("well" being relative, of course. It's well for my skill level.) if not for the practicing and studying (as I discussed in the previous post.)

It's not Glen Keane-quality but it's the best I can do at this time. I'll add a few inbetweens to smooth out some of the action and then proceed to the heart of the visual gag, her hand digging under the shower cap then pulling out a cell phone!

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