UPDATED Blog! and How to Upload Videos to Blogger

I’ll be honest.

After spending two years on the A Universe of Trouble project, I neglected slightly this blog. I used it to share with you what I was doing.

But once I started uploading the episodes, I didn’t pay attention to the obvious fact that the videos weren’t actually uploading! I assumed it was a Flash plug-in issue when instead it was a Blogger issue.

Although Blogger allows you to upload a video directly from your compute, the video will not show properly or at all on your blog. My searches for uploading video to Blogger came up almost empty with no recent explanations. 

Here’s how I did it using my YouTube channel:
  1. I clicked the upload button on my YouTube channel
  2. Once the video was uploaded, I created a “Blogger” playlist and—this is important—labelled the video as “Unlisted” (I did “Private” first but a private video doesn’t provide the Share options). I don’t want other people seeing this playlist because these videos are only for uploading to Blogger.
  3. I clicked on the video to open it
  4. Under the video, I clicked “Share,” then the Blogger icon
  5. I copied the code
  6. In the post window, I clicked on “HTML” to get the HTML editing window
  7. I pasted the code into the window
  8. I clicked on “Publish” once the video was finished uploading
  9. My videos now show properly in my blog
Unfortunately I have to go through my entire blog and re-upload videos. So annoying!

And I decided to change the look of the blog as well. I think it’s now more inviting and better and easier to look at.

Do you like the blog’s new look? Tell me what you think! Thanks! 

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