A Universe of Trouble TEASER!

On Wednesday, April 29, 2015 I started this journey.

At that time, I was struggling to simultaneously draw a 5-minute film while also learning to draw.

It. Wasn't. Working.

My skills were not sufficient to make the film as I pictured it in my head. And learning to draw while also trying to draw a project was getting me nowhere since I was splitting my limited time.

Through all of that, I had a nagging desire to complete some THING. Any THING!

I had calculated that at my present pace, my 5-minute film would take 3-5 YEARS to complete!

So I thought if I did a project shorter than 5-minutes, it would be completed quickly and satisfy my need to make something.

That's when I found Harry Harrison's "The Repairman" and was grabbed by the story. It felt like an excellent opportunity to tell a new story with a black woman in a compelling situation that had nothing to do with being black or female. It was perfect!

When I started I thought it'd take a few months to a year to complete. That quickly became a dream after it took 3 months just to complete the first episode…out of 17 episodes!

Yeah, I miscalculated. Badly.

Now, exactly 2 years later on Saturday, April 29, 2017, I completed this project! One month before my deadline!

I didn't fully realize how stressful working on this project was until it was over. I spent so much time on it that other parts of my life suffered. Despite the stress, however, I would have done it again. What I've learned from doing this project could ONLY have been learned by doing this project!

Now that I've made something and will be sharing it with the world, I'm excited and eager to get back to just pure drawing skills development.

I'll be discussing what I learned from doing this project in future posts in addition to what I'm learning now as I return to drawing practice.

I hope you enjoy my project! Please give me your feedback. As long as it's constructive criticism and observations (and not pure hating), it can only make me better.

Thanks for following me on this journey!

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