Watts Atelier Drawing Curriculum Temporarily On Hold

Working my way through the Watts Atelier Drawing Curriculum, I completed the Fundamentals section and eagerly started the Head section.

And immediately hit a wall!

The Head section begins with drawing the skull from various angles.

The problem I'm having is that the lack of a measuring system for the skull. I know how to measure when placing features onto the face but I don't know how to measure the placement of the parts of the skull to ensure that they're in the right place.

Since Watts is $99/month, I was happy to see that there's the option to put one's subscription on hold which I've now done.

Now I need to learn the skull.

I've been drawing from the model I have but there's been a nagging concern that I'm not really "getting it."

That's when The Bone Doctor popped into my head!

Michael Mentler aka The Bone Doctor

More about The Bone Doctor in the next post!

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