New Wacom Tablet

In 2010—as I discussed HERE—I replaced an old Wacom Intuos 2 9" x 12" tablet with a Bamboo Pen tablet. (Funny that my original intention was to go paperless considering everything I've done since then has been on paper. I just can't kick the habit!) It was working great…until now.

It's developed an issue with the cord and since I'm on a take-no-prisoners mission to get my Repairman webisodes completed FAST, I don't have time to deal with flaky equipment. Also, I got more than its $70 price out of its use so spending $90 to replace it with something newer and better is neither a mental nor a financial strain.

After some quick research on Wacom's site, I chose the Intuos Creative Pen & Touch Tablet (Small). Actually, I chose the pen only version but upon discovering that B&H Photo was selling the more advanced model for the lesser model's price, it made sense to go with the more advanced model. Also, the "Bamboo" line has been phased out and basically replaced with the Intuous models.

The tablet looks great and works wonderfully. I didn't purchase the Wifi accessory but know that it's an option.

Thank you to B&H for not only a decent price but for the fast shipping that allowed me to get back to work quickly.

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