Owen Garratt, Dan dos Santos & Robin Sharma on PRACTICE

Owen Garratt"I was lucky that I got involved with my wife - The Colonel - early in my career, or it probably wouldn’t have got very far. The one thing all serious artists need is time…vast, selfish, astonishing amounts of time. Since they only give you 24 hours every day, an awful lot of important things can fall behind awful quick. Without her fending off life’s distractions, there’s no way that I could have found the great spans of time and introspection that I needed to develop my art and business. If it wasn’t for her, I think I’d be living in a tarpaper shack."

Muddy Colors' Dan dos Santos' "10,000 Hours of Practice":

Robin Sharma"Easy to forget that successful people didn’t just wake up that way. They started off ordinary – with a goal – and then focused on the daily small steps required to reach it. And as the days slipped into weeks and the weeks into months and the months into years, their dream became more alive. Each day, they practice."

The message is the same from professional artists and motivational speakers: TONS OF PRACTICE!

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