ToonBoom Animate Pro!

First, Happy Belated New Year!

I can't believe I haven't posted since late December. Expect more consistent and better posts in 2012!

Second, I know I promised head anatomy in my last post. I did start creating it and decided that it was an unnecessary step. I'm on a tight deadline—completion by July 1, 2012—so there's no time for anything that's not absolutely necessary.

Instead, I've started learning ToonBoom's Animate Pro. I'm excited about learning this program now that I've moved on from ToonBoom's Storyboard Pro to the next step, animating.

My original approach was to skip to the specific sections in the user guide that I could use for my film. This shortcut approach soon became impossible. The user guide is over 800 pages for a reason! This is a robust program whose depth is worth learning. By switching to the time-consuming-but-with-depth approach, I've discovered a possible time-saving feature: True 3D space.

With this feature, the two rooms in my film in which all of the action occurs—the bedroom and the bathroom—can be created in 3D and manipulated on 3 axes! This feature will save me time; I create the rooms in their entirety ONCE then use them from any angle.

As I learn the program, I'll post the results along with any tips and tricks I come across.

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