Version 1 Animatic Feedback

This two-week hiatus from the film has been beneficial in a lot of ways. First, I'm back to exercising. Independent animator M dot Strange posted on is blog the importance of not letting your fitness go while working on your film. I see his point and am working towards balancing the project and exercising.

Second, I've allowed my brain to randomly think of improvements for the film. I already have several pages of notes of changes in addition to the feedback I've gotten from friends & strangers. Here's some of the feedback:

1. The film moves well but could be a little overlong at 5:13 minutes.

2. Some of the camera moves are overdone and draw attention to themselves.

3. Honey shaving in the bathroom is too unlikely. It would be better to have her in the shower shaving.

All of this is helpful feedback so thanks to all who took time out to get back to me!

I'm currently working on the character designs and will post those once they're completed.

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