John K Curriculum, Redux

Now that I've (temporarily) abandoned the Kimon Nicolaides "Drawing the Natural Way" curriculum, I've returned to another curriculum that I feel will have more immediate benefits—the John K cartoon course.

I did the entire course—explained here—during this past summer. But I was, as usual, in a hurry. I think I gave myself from several days to maybe one week for each lesson. I wanted to get to work on my film, dammit!

Since then I have genuinely seen an improvement in my drawing. So I decided that John K really does know what he's talking about and that maybe I should put more effort into his instructions. At this time, I'm still on Lesson One: Construction—The Head. It's getting me to automatically think 3D while drawing which makes the drawings look more solid and real.

I've also noticed that it's becoming easier for me to see if I've drawn something wrong. That's definitely a sign of improvement! 

Here's a recent effort:

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