DBD—Don't Be Discouraged!

My senior year in high school I was in advanced placement English. I liked it because it meant no exams and no stupid spelling tests. By the time I was seventeen, I resented having to have my spelling tested, that it was beneath me. Says a lot about how I thought (and I'm still a damn good speller)!

Anyway, the way it worked was that we would learn something about writing, then have to write an essay in class showing what we've learned. If one got a, say, B+ or higher on the essay, you could move on to the next "level."

When people didn't move on to the next level, the teacher (himself a talented illustrator) would tell us, "DBD. Don't be discouraged."

Unfortunately, I didn't heed this advice as carefully as I should have. I started—and stopped—numerous activities throughout my life because I became discouraged. Now, at age 41, I've learned not to get discouraged. I can say for the first time in my drawing life, I don't toss aside the bad drawings and not draw for long periods like I used to. Now I suffer through it until I get it right.

I can honestly say that the pain is worth it. After the suffering, I can actually see the improvement between drawings one and 100. And it's those flickers of improvement that keep me going.

So my advice to you when you hit a wall with your creation…DBD!!

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  1. Great words of advice Rochelle
    I myself am a victim of "starting then stopping" due to countless of Excuses. But I can proudly say I'am working my way around that, At this point of my life I feel like i need to give birth & nourishment to my creations, and see them grow & become the true vision of myself, At times we let life stand in the way,
    but thats just another excuses we may hang on that wall.
    instead i will hold on to DBD thats a better push
    Thanks for sharing