Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Art Post—character designs

Below are drawings that show how I'm working through the process of designing Honey and Luthor. NOTHING in animation is easy and that includes character design. I wanted these characters to look better than Wayne and Petey from "Calls of the Wild" so I'm putting in more effort in how they look. I also want to apply to their designs the lessons I recently learned. The goal is to have something distinct that is also easy to manipulate. That's why I tried to keep the shapes simple.

Honey has some Taraji P. Henson, Jennifer Hudson and Lauryn Hill in her. I'm still working on giving her a decent hair style. I want something short to, again, make it easier to animate.

Luthor's bald—one less area to animate and color!

Basically, I want Honey's face to be soft and round…feminine, while Luthor's is more blocky.

GOAL: to have the finished (for now) facial designs for Honey and Luthor uploaded here by Sunday evening. I say "for now" because as I work on the animatic, their designs will probably evolve. But I like having something solid to work with at this time.

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