Sunday, December 22, 2013

Shoutout Sunday: Amadhia (formerly Timothy) Albee

Amadhia Albee, formerly known as Timothy Albee, is also one of my earliest influences, like M dot StrangE and Terrence Walker.

I can't recall how Albee entered my radar but I'm glad she did. When I learned of her self-made, 22 minute film, Kaze, Ghost Warrior, I immediately bought both the DVD and the book that explains its creation. I especially like how then-Timothy's name appears exclusively in ALL of the credits of the film except for executive producer, the only credit she shares with others.

Albee left her studio job, moved to Alaska and, in the company of her sled-dogs, created this film in six months using two computers. Now that's some hardcore DIY!

Albee then released a book, CGI Filmmaking: The Creation of Ghost Warrior, detailing how she made the film. It's definitely worth the read. The book contains the complete script and final shot list, production and location stills and a thorough explanation of the film's entire creative process. While thumbing through the book as I typed this post, I realized it would be helpful for me to re-read it since I'm deep in the production process of my own film.

I recommend that DIY animators watch Albee's film and read her book. Despite it being published in 2004, the overwhelming majority of the information isn't dated. Albee talks about filmmaking principles that will always be relevant.

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