Monday, May 20, 2013

Drawing a Hand Right!

Every scene of this film will be a struggle. I have resigned myself to that fact. With resignation comes acceptance. I now accept that each scene will take three weeks to complete which means the film will take 2.3 years to complete. That is, however, a number I REFUSE to accept. So I'll continue with the same urgency to get this film done.

I'm one week into drawing Sc. 44, a closeup of Honey's hand reaching to turn the bathroom door knob. I shot video reference of my own hand and printed successive screenshots to help with the drawing. Despite the reference, I'm still struggling to get it right. Below is the evidence of this struggle:

With each attempt, I'm improving my understanding of the construction of the hand. I learned from the last scene's struggles that understanding from the beginning the full construction of an object makes it infinitely easier to animate it later. I'd rather put in the time now to draw the hand right so that all of the drawings that come after will be right, too.

And it's only been ONE week!

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