Wednesday, September 26, 2012

LOTS of Ray Bradbury Wisdom

The excerpt below is from There are more links below to additional Ray Bradbury insights.

INTERVIEWER: How important has your sense of optimism been to your career?

BRADBURY: I don’t believe in optimism. I believe in optimal behavior. That’s a different thing. If you behave every day of your life to the top of your genetics, what can you do? Test it. Find out. You don’t know—you haven’t done it yet. You must live life at the top of your voice! At the top of your lungs shout and listen to the echoes. I learned a lesson years ago. I had some wonderful Swedish meatballs at my mother’s table with my dad and my brother and when I finished I pushed back from the table and said, God! That was beautiful. And my brother said, No, it was good. See the difference? Action is hope.

At the end of each day, when you’ve done your work, you lie there and think, Well, I’ll be damned, I did this today. It doesn’t matter how good it is, or how bad—you did it. At the end of the week you’ll have a certain amount of accumulation. At the end of a year, you look back and say, I’ll be damned, it’s been a good year.
Ray Bradbury on optimism in this fantastic Paris Review interview. Also see Bradbury on doing what you loverejectionspace explorationwriting with joy, and the secret of life.
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Watercolor & Photoshop Background—Sc. 13

I don't know how to paint.

Which is exactly why I've decided TO paint the backgrounds for this film. I've learned that instead of not doing the things I don't know how to do, I'll learn how to do them by simply doing them. The way to become good at something is to try doing it…and to fail. Period.

So here's the second painted background of "Adult Toy Story" for scene 13. This is the original watercolor painting:

This is how it looks after A LOT of work in Photoshop:

This is how it looks with the animated door and rough movement of Honey:


On to the next one!