Thursday, August 25, 2011

Latest Animatic Segment—Angry Toys!

This may well be my favorite moment in the film:


I'm 78% done with the animatic! We're gettin' reallll close!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Latest Animatic Segment—Luthor's Realization

Sorry, I promised some more scenes over a week ago!

Here it is:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Clean Animatic 69% Done!

With a new-found intensity, I'm now 69% done with the clean animatic. By the end of day on Sat. 8/13, I intend to be ONE WEEK ahead of schedule to complete this by Aug. 31.

It's too late tonight for me to make a video of some of the new scenes but I'll get that to you soon.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Latest Animatic Segment—Luthor Laughs at His Joint

Making progress! Completing these scenes means "Adult Toy Story's" clean animatic is now 60% done! Per my schedule of work quotas, I'm one day behind for my schedule to complete this animatic by August 31. I don't care WHAT it takes, this animatic WILL be done by that day!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Artistic Anatomy Part 3: Brow & Forehead Planes

We learned the bones of the front of the skull. We learned the muscles of the brow and forehead. The final aspect to learn is the planes.

First, some information about the image below. This model is known as the "Asaro head," conceived by the painter, teacher and writer John Asaro.

Full Asaro original model head.

Booklet that comes with purchase of Asaro original model.
Comparing this model side-by-side with the skull model FINALLY made me begin to understand the planes of the head. That's why, in addition to recommending that you buy a skeleton, I also recommend that you buy (or make your own) model of the planes of the head. Having these three-dimensional objects available to touch, light and closely examine will make learning to draw infinitely easier. I bought my Asaro head—original model—from Planes of the Head for $98 (free shipping!) which comes with a booklet presumably illustrated by Asaro. There's a variety of other models offered, too.

Onward to the planes. Here's a closeup of the model's brow & forehead planes:
Closeup of Asaro head's brow & forehead planes.

Brow & forehead planes colorized for emphasis.

Notice how they conform to the curves and landmarks we studied on the skull. If you project the angular planes onto the curved skull, it would look something like this:

Corresponding area of planes on skull.

See how clear this is when you put all of the elements together!

A quick review:




Hopefully I'm making this information clearer for you and not confusing! Keep in mind that I'm NOT an expert in this area, but simply learning as you are while hopefully providing some insights I've picked up along the way.

Next: the eye & nose muscles.