Thursday, May 19, 2011

Clean Animatic—Scene 6

It's been awhile but I HAVE been working on the film! In fact, as of this evening, I have completed 22% of the clean animatic (with some exceptions regarding the sound effects and temp music.) I always enjoy updating my progress chart. :)

Here's a scene I spent a lot of time getting right. I wanted it to be playful and fun. I'm OK if the full playfulness doesn't come through in the animatic; I'll have it there in the final animation. For now I just wanted to convey the intensity of the moment. Should it be done differently?


Monday, May 16, 2011

LPPM, P.C.—Blame Someone Else Day Cartoon

Thumbnail of entire gag

Thumbnails of the man's position.

Another page of thumbnails of the man's position.

And another page of thumbnails of the man's position.

Inking of main elements.

Final cartoon.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Labrador, Portie, Poodle & Mutt, Attorneys at Law—Earth Day Cartoon

Here are the thumbnail and final for the LPPM, P.C. Earth Day cartoon. This one was very quick and easy. First, I knew exactly what I wanted—the popular image for earth day are hands holding an earth. So it wasn't hard to make the leap from that to a paw and a hand. Also, I like the image of other species participating in Earth Day. It's their planet, too!

Second, I knew I could get a stock illustration and then draw a quick paw.


Final (stock illustration combined with custom illustration.)