Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NEW free ebook coming soon!

Looks like Toon Boom Animation has upgraded their Storyboard Pro software. I've already upgraded my Animate Pro so I might as well do the same for SBP. I'm excited about the new features and am especially excited about returning my dongle to them! That's right, if you have the version of SBP that required a dongle, it must be returned (along, preferably, with the activation code which, of course, I've lost!) before the new version can be activated. Good riddance to the damn dongle, I say! No more will I have to carry it around in my purse to make sure it was available for both my home desktop and my laptop.

This means I'll have to write the next ebook to discuss this latest version of SBP that will, hopefully, correct the various small annoyances of the previous versions of the software.

So keep a lookout for the next free ebook! I'll keep you posted on its status.

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