Sunday, August 22, 2010

Frustration With iPhone 3G Running iOS4 Video Parody

This parody video accurately shows the experience I, too, had when I upgraded my iPhone 3G to the iOS4 firmware. Soon after my disastrous upgrade, I read that Apple planned for an iPhone 5 around Jan. 2011. So I said, "OK, I'll suffer through the severe decrease in performance until then."

Then reality hit me like a sack of s*$t!!.

Since I'm not a particularly patient person to begin with, I couldn't ignore the billboard-sized fact that my phone was now just TOO DAMN SLOW!! Like this video shows, just opening one app meant many seconds of no response! I couldn't take it anymore so I researched downgrading to OS3.1.3 and dedicated a whole weekend to the project.

Sacrificing that weekend was worth it.

I'm now back to the phone's original speed. Yes, one or two of my app upgrades aren't useable on my phone but I can live with that much more than with ridiculous slowness.

I'm a fan of Apple's products but their obsolescence-every-6-months approach is their biggest problem. And it's an expensive problem for those of us who can't afford the latest and greatest gadget or software on that short of a schedule.

It's also clear to me that once an iPhone 5 comes out, that my 3G will be three generations behind so a new phone will be a must.

Guess I know where my 2010 tax refund is going!

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