Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Impression of Storyboard Pro 2—NICE!

I've spent a few days doing the animatic for "Adult Toy Story" (ATS) in the new version of Storyboard Pro. Although I haven't gotten deep into it, I can confidently say that the first major improvement I've worked with is NICE!

Storyboard Pro 1/1.5's manual had SIX pages related to camera moves. And the current version's manual has how many camera move pages? TWENTY! A three-fold-plus increase which mirrors the increase in options.

Right now, I'm planning a zoom out and a pan. I want the pan to go around a corner and up the side of a building to a window. With the old version of SBP, it would've been a very linear and lifeless camera move. But with this new version, I can adjust the trajectory, continuity, tension and bias of the camera's path. Don't ask me what all those things mean! All I know is that they give me additional control and that's all that matters.

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