Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Film Post--Animatic version 5B

I realized a few days ago that the opening scene wasn't working from a blocking point of view. In other words, in order for Honey to poke at the volume control on the radio on the bathroom counter, her arm would be in an awkward position. The movement required to pull that off just wasn't fitting in the space. But I can't let go of the whole increasing-the-volume moment because it's an important element to the story.

So I junked the bathroom counter solution and came up with a better one. I mean, that is the crux of storytelling, solving visual problems. Now, the radio's in the shower and Honey's adjusting the volume while taking a shower, singing into her loofah! I love it!

Here's the new opening panels, complete with shower sound effect and temporary music:


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