Thursday, March 18, 2010

Toon Boom's Second Chance--Animatic version 4

I was a little pissy with Toon Boom's support folks. Then they were a little pissy in their response. Then "Ron" was nice enough to post a comment regarding the use of Storyboard Pro (thanks for your help, Ron!). So after ALL OF THAT AGITA—coupled with glancing over answers in the support forums and a few video tutorials—I decided the software deserved a second chance.

And NOW I can say I'm having a good time with Storyboard Pro (SP)! After reading about how others were struggling with the program, I discovered that some of my gripes were valid…and others weren't. As Ron suggested—and as I suspected—I needed to get my head out of the After Effects (AE) workflow and into SP's. After spending just a couple of hours with it today, I've progressed substantially and am honestly enjoy using the program. Right now I'm tired and want to go to sleep but I'm having so much fun with SP that I can't tear myself from the computer!

Below is the latest animatic output from SP (and still needing some tweaks. For example, originally the woman was dancing, not singing, so the music's no longer appropriate to the action). It was amazingly simple for me to show the woman actively brushing her teeth while zooming in on the keyhole. Since my knowledge of AE is limited, doing that action and camera move simultaneously in AE would've been a nightmare!

I'll continue to talk more about my fickle love affair with SP as I get deeper into it. Maybe I'll create a how-to video? Stay tuned!

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