Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday Film Post--Hi, Mom! And characters

Oh, man, late again! I'll get better, I promise!

First, I'd like to give a shout out to my Mommy! Mom deserves a special thanks for making my day yesterday by telling me that she sees an improvement in my drawing. She must've used her Mom instincts to know that her encouragement was EXACTLY what I needed to hear! I had slacked off for a week from my morning practice drawing routine; the routine consist of my alarm going off at 4:20am (yikes!), me sitting down by 4:40am and doing the following: 10 minutes of a blind contour; 10 minutes of gesture drawing; 10 minutes of copying from classic cartoon model sheets to improve drawing forms; 20 minutes of anatomy; 20 minutes of Loomis's "How to draw the head" book (I'm up to facial planes.) A total of 1 hour and 10 minutes.

I had already noticed a slight improvement in my drawing but hearing it from someone else made me feel even better. Thanks, Mommy!

Second, I decided today to re-evaluate the above routine. In order to get up early, I need to get to bed early. And since I don't get home until 6 or 6:30, that leaves little time during the week to work on my projects.

So I'm starting a new routine. I'll stay up later--to do project work--then get up later. I think that will fit my lifestyle better. We'll see how it goes.

Third, here's some drawings of two of my film's characters. They're roughs, just playing with the shapes of their faces. I've been reading and studying a lot about animation, cartooning and drawing and I'm trying to incorporate this myriad of great information into this next project.

I'll talk more later about which sites and artists I've learned a lot from lately.

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